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Hoang M. Le

Staff Research Scientist @ Latitude AI.

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More About Me

Work Experience

• I am a Staff Scientist at Latitude AI, a new venture focusing on building self-driving technology.

• Previosuly, I was a Staff Scientist at Argo AI. Before joining Argo in 2021, I was part of the Machine Learning research area at Microsoft Research AI (MSR) from 2019 to 2021.

• I received my PhD in Computing + Mathematical Sciences from Caltech, with Professor Yisong Yue. My thesis focuses on systematic approaches to combine domain knowledge and learning methods to solve sequential decision making problems, which span reinforcement learning, imitation learning, optimal control.

• My prior works have been applied to diverse set of domains including robotics, autonomous camera planning for broadcasting, modeling human decision making in team sports, navigation, Atari games, simulated car racing.

• Certain parts of my PhD research were covered in an invited talk at the American Control Conference 2019 and a tutorial on imitation learning at ICML 2018.

Computer Skills

• Watch my talk at ICML 2017 in Sydney, Australia on learning from demonstrations from multiple agents.

• Watch my talk at SSAC 2017 in Boston, MA on applying machine learning to model a soccer team from real-life professional data (what we called "ghosting").

• Watch my talk at ICML 2016 in New York, NY on learning to mimic human actions both accurately and smoothly.


• I did my Master thesis in Cognitive Science at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

• I received a bachelor in Mathematics from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

• I grew up and finished highschool in Hanoi, Vietnam .

• I play soccer, run and row.

• I was an investment banking analyst at Merrill Lynch and private equity investor at Capital Z Partners in my previous life.